Thursday, August 2, 2007

Review: Happy Hour at Mason's (sacramento)

Mason's, Sacramento, CA
1116 15th Street
Happy Hour

8/10: pretty good!

They have a pretty good happy hour deal: $3 beers and appetizers, $5 cocktails and wine. Usually, all food and drinks are over $8. here's the link for the happy hour menu:

The food and drinks
I had the chance to taste their lemon drop, their appletini, the spring rolls, and the
trio of mini bbq pulled pork sandwiches.

1. Lemon Drop. Mm mm!! I love lemon drops, and this was a damn good lemon drop. If you don't like sweet drinks, this isn't for you. On the other hand, if you like sweet, non-alcoholic tasting beverages, this is the right drink for you. The perfect balance or sweet, tart, and tangy. I think the secret is that they use Torani lemon syrup.

2. Appletini: Very fresh and crisp, and not too sweet. The only downfall for me is that it tastes too much like vodka. After a drink or two, I wouldn't notice. ;)

3. Spring rolls: It's funny because I think of spring rolls as cold rice wrapper, cold noodles, etc etc. These were definitely just egg rolls. Since they came from Mah Jong's next door, they were pretty damn good. They could've been cooked a little longer, but they were a decent size and came 4 per order. I wasn't crazy about the sweet and sour sauce though.

4. Pork Sandwiches: Tasty! The buns were tiny buns (the size of a lemon) and were nicely toasted. The filling was interesting: it was pulled pork that had almost a Chinese bbq pork flavor--but the fresh cabbage an the sauce added a "cole-slaw-esque" texture and flavor. not my fave, but definitely tasty and worth the $3.

It's a bit trendy/business feeling. You would be a bit out of place if you wore your emo garb or ugly tennis shoes. You can tell that this is wear the people who work in the capitol hang out. Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that the well dressed guy coming into Mason's while we were exiting--was very rude and didn't hold the door for us--and just walked right by us with the door slamming on us. fucking ASShole.


Extinah's Licks: 1/2 The food is tasty (4 licks) and the drinks are tasty but not too strong. Still a great deal for happy hour--and what a nice atmosphere (in that legislators and corporate prep sort of way).

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