Monday, May 14, 2007

My Tastes, in a Nutshell

A couple of times now, the gals at work have asked, "Is there anything you don't like to eat?"Typically, the only foods i really don't like to eat are:

  • anything that tastes like horse radish (horse radish, wasabi, blue cheese, etc
  • raw onions (they make my tummy hurt *sad face*)
  • green bell peppers

I think...that's about it. I really enjoy eating everything else.

Foods I adore?

  • Breakfast foods (eggs, potatoes, toast, pancakes, waffles, french toast, fruit, etc!)
  • The real deal Chinese food
  • Homemade Filipino food
  • Spicy!
  • Carnitas.....good carnitas
  • Noodles in all forms (noodle coup, sauce dishes, etc)
  • ________ over rice. Anything over rice is wonderful in my book, especially something with a good sauce
  • WATERMELON and fruits in general
  • Garlicky foods
  • Seafood is bliss (fish, crab, shrimp, calamari. mm mm yum)
  • Sushi! Any type: rolls, sashimi, udon, edamame, wakame, miso soup, tempura, and even the typical teriyaki chicken. sans wasabi, of course.
  • ....and more

Other tidbits: I like the flavor of coffee but I'm not a caffeine person (it makes me jittery). I hate foods that end up mushy that aren't supposed to be (noodles, apples, etc). I like it medium rare. I love smelling cooking food. I like broth soups. Price is not always an indicator of good food. I love french fries drenched in gobs of ketchup. I like hot sauce on my hot dog. Wait, i LOVE hot sauce on ...most anything. I love Indian, Thai, Italian, Greek, Mexican....i love it all. I haven't had a lot of french food, but I want to try more french food. I also want to try Ethiopian food. I still enjoy the good ol' American food, too. I think that's it for now. Basically, I like it all.

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