Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pamaps Brazillian Grille- Las Vegas

Oh. My. GOD.

After eating here, my mouth died and went to heaven.

MEAT! Grilled meat! Ok, let me back up. Pamaps is buffet style--but the quality of the food exceeds that of a typical buffet, even by vegas standards.

There is a buffet area where you can pick high wuality food such as salads, olives, grilled veggies, cheeses, etc.

BUT: Back at the table is where the magic starts. Servers come to your table with huge skewers that have a huge chunk of meat on it. Pamaps has 10 different types of meats that are grilled and bbq'ed. The skewers/meat come right off the grill and they carve the fresh meat at your table. You have a pair of tongs and take the meat right off the skewer. The flavor is complex and subtle and magnificent. I had a mouth orgasm.


I can't wait to go back!

Pampas Brazilian Grille
Location: Planet Hollywood
Address: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Local: 702-737-4748
Website: http://www.pampasusa.com/


KT and TV said...

AH! I love that kind of bar-b-que. The kind where someone else cooks it, brings it to your table and then slices it up for you right there! There is one of them in our hood here and if you ever come visit, we'll take you there.

KT and TV said...

Hey! I demand more updates! Let me live vicariously through your food tastings. Tell me what has changes and what is great in the Sacto Restaurant scene.

KT and TV said...

I am the only one who comments on this page, it seems. Maybe more people would comment if you would UPDATE it more often. Don't you know I check it like every week to see if there's something new. I WANT you to tell me more about good food.